Greetings from 1950s Wales: Wednesday

The Retronaut is on holiday for a week, touring Wales in the 1950s. Each day he will post a photo from his travels. Click on the image to see the large view, and click on the icon in the top right of the image to see the full view. Today: 1956 - Capel Curig


The Retronaut uses a Doveson 2008 lens.

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2 comments to Greetings from 1950s Wales: Wednesday

  • Hardpunk

    Great picture Retronaut, love the little detail about the lens you are using. More importantly though what car and caravan are you using for your holiday?

  • Chris

    Hey Hardpunk - I wish we knew. We ended up in 1956 by mistake and this car and caravan drove past. Very cool…

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