Back to the (Monsanto House of the) Future...

“Welcome to the walk-through attraction that provides a glimpse of how you’ll be living in future. You won’t find traditional furniture styles or natural materials in the House of the Future. Everything is ultra-modern and almost entirely synthetic. It’s a demonstration of style and technology.

In 1957, and for the following ten years, 20 million people visited 1986 at the Monsanto House of the Future, Disneyland, California. The House was one of two attractions sponsored by Monsanto, the other being the Hall of Chemistry.

“The floors on which you are walking, the gently sloping walls around you, and even the ceilings are made of plastics.”

The foundation of the House is still in its original location, now the Pixie Hollow attraction. It has has been painted green and is being used as a planter.

Thank you to Yesterland.

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