Horacio Guzman’s Memories

‘A personal journey to find the oldest person in the city of Barcelona.’

- Horacio Guzman

Antonio, 88 years old. Was a painter. Blind due to his age. His happiest day was on the 25th of January 1939. Desperately hungry and hiding in a bomb shelter suddenly saw an angry man throw a wooden box and walk away. He decided to look what was inside and to his surprise it was full of well conserved meat, he took it and ran home to his family.

Ana Maria. She was born on the 23rd of July 1902 and she is 108 years old. Worked at home raising her family. I asked her what is the secret to live so many years? She simply said ¨To be happy¨.

Chu Ju, 80 years old. Originally from China. Came to Barcelona 45 years ago. Speaks a little bit of Spanish. Loves to play bingo and to care for the birds at her retirement house.

Cristina, 65 years old. Worked all her life as hairdresser and this was her passion. Unfortunately her right hand is almost paralysed.

Josefa, 77 years old. Worked at a store. Loves her two great grandchildren.

Matilde, 101 years old. Was born on the 14th of March 1910. Worked designing and making shirts.

Maria Josefa, is 83 years old. Worked as a housewife all her life. The happiest moments she remember where when she got married and the day her great granddaughter was born.

Benita, 86 years old. Worked as housewife. Went to school a couple of day and never again due to the civil war. Has a wonderful smile.

Maria, 84 years old. Held many jobs but the one she enjoyed the most was at a dress factory.

Toni, 83 years old. Worked as fruit deliverer. Likes to be active and go for a walk. The happiest day of his life was when he got married.

Maria Rosa, 83 years old. Could not attend school due to the civil war. Worked at a bar. The happiest day of her life was when her son was born.

Thank you to Horacio Guzman. To see more of Horacio’s work, visit HoracioGuzman.com.


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