Louis Gottlieb and the Morning Star Ranch, 1967

‘Dr. Louis Gottlieb moved to Morning Star Ranch in Sonoma County in 1966. Gottlieb attempted to leave the land he owned to God. A series of court appeals culminated in the 9th district court ruling that he could not. The ruling centered around the fact that if God was named owner on a quit claim deed, there would be no recourse for the collection of property taxes. The finding, therefore, was that God has no property rights in the state of California.’

- Wikipedia

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3 comments to Louis Gottlieb and the Morning Star Ranch, 1967

  • Tut

    Where would we be without all the nutty freaks to make fun of?

  • Luka

    Great site!!

    Please, disable the autoplay in videos.

  • Bobby

    How things have changed. Yes, technology has made it possible for all of us to do well. So much could be automated.

    Instead, the greed factor has kicked in. Corporate bosses appropriating profits only for themselves. Very sad.

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