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children Bone Disease

Are Your Children At Risk For Bone Disease?

Helping children build healthy bones should be a focus for raising a healthy child. Lack of knowledge about this for many parent has lead to major problems for the kids and will drastically affect them the rest of there lives. Children build over half of their bone mass during the adolescent years of their life […]

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Exercising For Mommies

Exercising For Pregnant Mommies

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. She goes though many changes emotionally and physically, these changes can get tough to handle at times, there are various aches and pains, mood swings, sleeping problems etc. How does one take care of it? The answer is, through exercise. This answer may surprise you as […]

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Psychology of Health

The Secret Psychology of Health

The first step to changing your attitude towards your health is Awareness. You must first be aware of all your disempowering and non supportive beliefs to be able to change them. Then, we will instill a new belief system that will completely Transform your attitude. Here are some non supportive beliefs. Feel free to add […]

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Ways to Grow Taller

The Best Ways to Grow Taller

A lot of people from all across the globe wish to grow taller. Others have even become desperate and have actually tried out a number of artificial means available in many stores and over the Internet to increase their height, but sad to say none of them have really worked. However, there is still a […]

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