Mozart's skull...

Mozart’s gravedigger, Joseph Rothmayer, took this skull from its grave ten years after Mozart was buried with five others, in 1791. Rothmayer had attached a wire to the skull so he would know which was the composer’s (or decomposer’s, if you will…). In 1902, the skull came into the possession of the Mozarteum.

In 2006, the [...]

50,000 year old make-up discovered

These shells are 50,000 year old make up containers.  Discovered in Murcia in Southern Spain, the shells contain lumps of a yellow pigment, possibly used as foundation, and red powder mixed with flecks of a reflective black mineral.

The archaeological study was led by Professor Joao Zilhao from Bristol University.

Britain in the last ice-age from space...

When was this picture taken? (see *below for answer)

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* Answer (highlight to read):

1683, during the worst frost ever recorded in Britain, in which the Thames was completely frozen for two months.