Photographs of Napoleon's Veterans

M. Mauban, 8th Dragoon Regiment, 1815

The Royal Wedding, 1923


Scott of the Antarctic's Hut

Scott 1

Charlie Chaplin, 1917-1918, in colour

Charlie Chaplin in colour 2

W.A.V.E.S. of WWII in colour

Waves 64

Elizabeth Taylor as a child


When Marilyn was Norma Jeane

Norma Jeane 3

Thomas Hardy in colour, 1914

Thomas Hardy (1914)

Shakespeare “aged 14″

"Shakespeare aged 14"

Ms. Senior America

Ms Senior America

Young Barack Obama

Obama 2

Skeletons locked in eternal embrace


“Extraordinary aerial footage of uncontacted Amazon tribe released”

Uncontacted Tribes

“I am the past”

I'm Honoré de Balzac

'My father’s WWII booklet'

H&S Company 1

Anne Frank: then and now

Anne Frank: then and now

Roosevelt, 1941, in colour

Roosevelt, 1941

Lennon and McCartney: the last known photograph

Lennon and McCartney, March 1974

Smiles of old Japan

Smiles of Old Japan 11 c. 1915-23

Bablake School, Coventry, 1955-57

A trip to Stratford on 3 May 1955. A strict moral code in one's private life was ensured owing to the iron discipline wielded by the Headmaster, Mr. Seaborne.