Woman in a chicken suit, 1910


The first photograph of a human


Mark Twain, 1909, in colour and on film

Mark Twain in bed (Alvin Langdon Coburn)

The Retronaut’s daughter


Recording of Pope Leo XIII, 1903

Pope Leo XIII

Portraits, F. Holland Day

Boy in profile, 1905

WWII WASPs in colour

Lillian's plane

'There’ll Come a Time'


Children, 1905

Woman in a staw hat

Awkward 80s photos

Awkard 80s 2

Christina O’Gorman, 1913, in colour

Christina at Lulworth Cove

Portraits by Holbein

Sir Thomas More

Janet and Iris Laing, 1910, in colour

Janet and Iris in Japanese costume c. 1914

“Remember” for Mary

“Remember” for Mary

Anna and Richard Wagner, 1900-1945

"The first card shows the young and newly married couple - Richard sports a silver topped cane and Anna lift up Meitz, her cat, to show him the various gifts they have received. The house is sparsely decorated but comfortable."

Photobooth animations


Hollywood bloopers c. 1936

Hollywood bloopers c. 1936

Colour footage of Elvis, 1955

Colour footage of Elvis, 1955

Mozart's skull

The Mystery of Mozart's Skull

“Modern Renaissance” & “Celebrity Time-Travel”

Jennifer Aniston