The Roman Forum in miniature


London Underground Map, 1889-2002


The Disappearing Face of New York


'A kiss to remember' in colour

VJ Day

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Salt Mine 7

Pittsburgh's VE Day, 1945, in colour

Pittsburgh’s VE Day, 1945, in colour

Balancing on the Empire State

Atop Empire State- in construction; Chrysler Bldg & [Daily] News in middle foreground. (1931)

Paris at night in the '20s & '30s

Eiffel Tower (Summer Storm), 1927, Andre Kertesz

Abandoned New York Movie Theatre


Scott of the Antarctic's Hut

Scott 1

‘If London Were Like New York’ c.1902

Trafalgar Square

Yugoslav War Memorials


Pimlico Playground

PImlico playground 2

Vintage Playgrounds


Abandoned houses in Detroit


City of Shadows

City of Shadows 1

London Smog, December, 1952

Smog 11

'Cold War City'

Cold War City 1

The real Wild West

"Home of Mrs. American Horse." Visiting squaws at Mrs. A's home in hostile camp 1891

Stanley Kubrick’s Chicago, 1949

15. Steel worker in mill as molten steel spills from vat, in Chicago, Illinois 2