Shanghai: 1990 vs. 2010


New York’s forgotten island

Brother Island 28

Project Battlefields

Battle of Nieuwpoort, 2nd July, 1600

Chicago Billboards, 1942

Chicago Billboards, 1942

The “first photograph” of New York

New York

Smiles of old Japan

Smiles of Old Japan 11 c. 1915-23

Bablake School, Coventry, 1955-57

A trip to Stratford on 3 May 1955. A strict moral code in one's private life was ensured owing to the iron discipline wielded by the Headmaster, Mr. Seaborne.

London, 1950s, in hi-res colour

Oxford Street, November 1950

Venice, 1912

Venice, 1912

19th Century America

The ruins of Mills House and nearby buildings, Charleston, S.C. A shell-damaged carriage and the remains of a brick chimney in the foreground. 1865. Photograph by George N. Barnard. (Courtesy of the National Archives)

The Retronaut's Holiday Snaps

Clock face, Haverfordwest Museum

Construction of the Statue of Liberty

Head on display in Paris

Square Dance, Oklahoma, 1940, in colour

Couples at square dance. McIntosh County, Oklahoma, 1939 or 1940 (Photo by Russell Lee)

Ghost-station Tube maps

Northern Ghost Map

Albert Memorial allotments, 1941


East End shopfronts, 1988

Whitechapel High Street

Colour film of Israel, 1940s / 50s

Colour film of Israel, 1940s / 50s

Construction of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower 6

“Ophelia” in Hackney and Lego


Imperial Russia in colour, 1909-1915

The Emir of Bukhara, 1911