Earl’s Court Farm, 1867

Earl's Court Farm - restored

Carnaby Street, 1968, in colour


USSR, 1953


Deauville, 1912, in colour

Deauville, 1912, in colour

Dublin, 1961, in colour

Dublin 11

Cornwall, August 1913, in colour

Albert Kahn's house party, Carbis Bay

‘Colour on the Thames’, 1935

“Colour on the Thames”, 1935

Heathrow Airport, 1935

Demolition of Heathrow Hall, 1944

England, 1913, in colour

Cornwall village

New York, 1940s, in hi-res colour


Footage of London streets, 1903

Footage of London streets, 1903

Construction of Nelson’s Column

Nelson's Column under construction

Colour footage of London, 1920s

Colour footage of London, 1920s

Dubai through an 1857 lens


Dorset, England, 1907, in colour

Dorset village 1907

“Stour Valley and Dedham Village” (1815/2010)

The Stour Valley and Dedham Village, John Constable

London, 1940s, in hi-res colour


“Photo of Britain in the Ice-Age”

Britain in the ice age