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Lesbian Pulp Fiction 1935-1958


Charlie Chaplin, 1917-1918, in colour

Charlie Chaplin in colour 2

“Hitler’s Stealth Bomber”

Ho 229

Anne Frank: then and now

Anne Frank: then and now

Ghosts of the Blitz


London Blackout, February 1944

Couple embracing outside the stage door of Prince of Wales Theare in Lower Wardour Street

iPad in 2001: A Space Odyssey

iPad in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Brighton beach, Saturday, June 16th, 1906 in colour

The boat trip, 1906

27-year-old picnic

Picnic 1

Hollywood Premakes

Hollywood Premakes

Travels in Imaginaria



Gail Symington dressed in a 1770s silk ‘panier’ dress beside a 1950s Vespa scooter

Christian Dior in the USSR

Christian Dior 9

We Are All Animals


Paris 1910-1914 by Eugene Atget

Coiffeur, Bd. de Strasbourg 1912

Aerial panorama of San Francisco in ruins, 1906


Visions from “Popular Science”

Dyno wheel motor bus

Brand-new Smalltown, USA

Michael Paul Smith 11

Photobooth animations


New York, 1940s, in hi-res colour


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