Lego Super-8 Movie Projector


Films as Cartridges


Long exposure aircraft


Nuclear Bomb Tests

On November 16, 1952, a B-36H bomber dropped a nuclear bomb over a point north of Runit Island in the Enewetak atoll, resulting in a 500 kiloton explosion -- part of a test code-named Ivy.

Explaining the Kindle to Dickens

Kindle 2

The History of Social Networking

History of Social Networking

80s Video Game Arcades


Osborne 1: the first lap-top

Osborne ad

The first solar-powered engine


Evolution of Nintendo Characters


Philco PC

Philco PC 2

Soviet Man in Space

Soviet Man in Space

Spacesuit History

Spacesuits 1

Brand-new Commodore 64

Commodore 3

Dodo: Web-based time-machine

Dodo 1

Impractical Inventions from PopSci

Hail Cannons

US Gov. Surplus Space Suit

Surplus Space suit

“Hitler’s Stealth Bomber”

Ho 229

Plane flying into a “time vortex”

Wake Vortex

Retrofit TV for iPhone

RetroFit TV