Rothschild Autochromes

Military Encampment, Tidworth (1911)

East End shopfronts, 1988

Whitechapel High Street

Aliens in vintage postcards


The Dazzle-Ships of WWI

Dazzle-ship colour schemes

World’s oldest living things

Sentinel Tree (2,150 years old; Sequoia National Park, California)

Colour film of Israel, 1940s / 50s

Colour film of Israel, 1940s / 50s

Construction of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower 6

The first music video, 1895

The first music video, 1895

The Soviet “Hobbit”


Market Day, Oxford, 1968, in colour

New Zealand Lamb, Oxford Covered Market, 1968

Chicago Night Clubs, 1970s

LotSS 1

Umrao Singh Sher-Gil


“Cloud of Unknowing” – Gorillaz

“Cloud of Unknowing” – Gorillaz

The Birth of the Ark Royal, 1950


What year is this? #6: answer


WWII paper planes

British Dart

Darth Vader by Monet, 1875

Vader with a Parasol

Alfred Steiglitz’s Clouds

Equivalent 1925 (2)

Smiling Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

“Ophelia” in Hackney and Lego