“The Swing”, 1767


Imperial Russia in colour, 1909-1915

The Emir of Bukhara, 1911

London Blackout, February 1944

Couple embracing outside the stage door of Prince of Wales Theare in Lower Wardour Street

Four sisters, 25 years


Ruins of Demyanskoe, East Prussia


“A story about civil defense”

When an atomic...

England, 1928, in colour

Trafalgar Square

iPods in 1977

iPod poster

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Cousin Bichonnade in flight (c. 1903)

Victorian Star Wars

Victorian Chewbacca

Brand-new WWII

A medic rescues the wounded Major from his destroyed jeep after an ambush by the SS. This photo won me $40 in a photo contest online. I used the money to buy my wife Anna

The Roman road-map

Tabula Peutingeriana


Tryptych (Okinawa Soba)

The Jokers, 1959


Smiling Victorians

Unknown (Unknown) (Lauren)

USB Typewriters


Classic Photographs in Lego

Lego "Lunch atop a skyscraper"

The “Ziggy Stardust” phone box, 1972-2009

Ziggy cover

iPad in 2001: A Space Odyssey

iPad in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Brighton beach, Saturday, June 16th, 1906 in colour

The boat trip, 1906