The “Ziggy Stardust” phone box, 1972-2009

Ziggy cover

iPad in 2001: A Space Odyssey

iPad in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Brighton beach, Saturday, June 16th, 1906 in colour

The boat trip, 1906

One family, 30 years


Girl on a tricycle, Ireland, 1900

Girl on a tricycle

The Kodak Building

Looking into the past #3 - Kodak building, Clerkenwell Road, Lon

27-year-old picnic

Picnic 1

Crayola colour chart, 1903-2010

Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010

Notting Hill Gate Tube posters c. 1956-1959


Hollywood Premakes

Hollywood Premakes

What year is this? #5: answer


Construction of Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge  under construction 1892

Old Japan in 3D

Buddhist ornament dealer

Bus in a crater, 1940, in colour


Aged Barbie


Travels in Imaginaria


What year is this? #5


Smalltown America, 1954, in colour

Smalltown America, 1954, in colour

The Bowder Stone

Bowder Stone (Ann Clare)

“Its a Marshmallow World”

Its a Marshmallow World