Can you date this picture…? (5): answer

Thank you very much indeed for your responses. In particular, thank you to Morgan and Jo who were able to identify the picture very specifically.

Highlight the space below to find out the answer:

2009. This is an image by the renowned Wet Plate Collodion Photographer Robert Szabo. Over to Robert:

“This is a quarter plate tintype taken in Ararat VA that I shot a picture of with my Canon 5D with Nikkor Macro before giving it to this lady. I love the little girl in this pic. This was our third try at getting her to hold half way still. This is how I wanted them to pose. I had this shot in my head but on the first two the little girl would not stand so we had her sit. I’m glad she moved so much that the pics were not usable. They came back the next day and the little girl was ready to cooperate so I posed them how I wanted to in the first place. She still moved a little but not enough to ruin the image for me. The blurry dress is a really nice touch too. The exposure was about 5 seconds. “

Thank you very much to Robert Szabo. Thank you also to KFS.