Strange colour film of 1940s London...

This colour film of North London in the late 1940s is a sequence of insignificant moments - a man leading a horse, children in a playground, flats being built, old women answering the door, cars in streets, empty streets. And yet, together with a soundtrack from George Delerue, it becomes something more.

What it becomes is an elegy. We see a man leading a working horse which will soon be utterly obsolete; children playing who can remember only warfare; posters advertising the Ideal Home next to embryonic high rise blocks; old women who thought themselves old at the end of the war to end all wars who have now witnessed another; a bomb shelter in the garden of a woman with prematurely grey hair; a dairy with no cows on a street with bollards still painted white from the blackout. This film shows the birth of Post War Britain - and the grief at the death of Britain before the war.

This film was curated by Cool it, Baby!, who also curated the film posted in The 80-year-old Little Girl.