A ride down San Francisco's Market Street, September 1905...

The vertical hold on this archive footage is damaged for the first five minutes and at the end, and especially between 0:20 and 1:20. Despite this, it remains compelling.

You may like to note a street sweeper (0:20); people only just escaping being run over (6:02; 7:44; 8:37); a galloping horse (6:44); a farm wagon and shire horse; (8:43) a very near crash between the cable car and a motor car (9:30); a woman in an elaborate hat (9:58); a man in a cape (10:15); and the closing frames of children.

There is only two years between this film and the 1903 footage of London featured on How to be a Retronaut and yet in that time city traffic has entirely altered.

In less year than a year, this street - along with much of San Francisco - had been destroyed in the earthquake and fire of April 1906.