Can you date this picture...? (3) answer

As before, thank you very much for all your responses. As Claire wrote, “it’s an essentially timeless picture”. Highlight the space below to find out the answer:

May 1944. It was taken by Frank Scherschel and is drawn from the Life magazine archive.

In fact, Claire’s is a very interesting point. In general, how do we know what period of time we are in? It is actually through physical behaviour - the presence of a type of car here, or the absence of a pylon there. But what happens when that behaviour is ambiguous, when the car could be from the 1940s but doesn’t have to be, when the absence of pylon could be contemporary, but doesn’t have to be? Our sense of time becomes ambiguous, or “timeless”. In other words, the difference between one time period and another is the physical behaviour exhibited en masse in those time periods. This is great news for would-be retronauts - change the behaviour, you change the time…
Thank you very much to Etienne du Plessis.