Cross-dressing in WW1...

Following on from the recent post of a Woman in a Chicken Suit in 1910, Donald Lush sent this extraordinary picture to How to be a Retronaut. Over to Donald:

“My grandmother is the young girl in the nurse’s uniform. Her family were shopkeepers in Bradford. She trained as a teacher and married a young man - my grandfather - who had come from a similar background but who had trained as an industrial chemist.

“In 1922, when they were first married, my grandfather got a job running a chemical factory in County Wicklow, Ireland. An IRA man was reputed to have died on their kitchen table of his bullet wounds - but that might be just a family myth…

“Their daughter - my mother - was born and lived over half her life in Ireland. She got married and had four sons before divorcing and moving to England, and spent the last part of her life in a small Dales town close to Bradford. Full circle, eh?

She never showed any sign of wanting to dress up in soldiers clothes though…”

Thank you very much to Donald Lush