“The next big thing”
- Ed Vaizey MP

- Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group

“As a child one of my favourite films was “The Time Machine”. Seeing time roll back before your eyes is tremendously exciting. The Retroscope has huge potential because it does this, so meeting a fundamental need we all have - to make sense of our time and place by effortlessly connecting us with our past”
- Stephen Woodford, Chairman and CEO, DDB UK

“A truly unique digital experience. Aspiring Ideapreneurs should listen to Chris’ elevator pitch for The Retroscope. It is premier league. Everyone else should sign-up for the Beta. And place bets on Chris owning a lot of Google stock some time soon.”
- Marc Lewis, CEO of School of Communication Arts 2.0

“I am thrilled to be an Executive Advisor to The Retroscope, and the more I think about it, the more exciting it is. In my mind it is like traveling in time, a portal to an alternative world”
- Rob Dickins CBE, Chairman, Theatres Trust; Trustee, Watts Gallery; Trustee, V&A Museum (2000-2007); Board, V&A Enterprises (2001-2009)