Travels in Imaginaria...

“Travels in Imaginaria” is a very striking project created by photographer and film-director Mikael Colville-Andersen. Over to Mikael:

“I have collected the old slides of strangers at flea markets for a few years. Often buried at the bottom of cardboard boxes under defunct cameras and bit and pieces of forgotten photo equipment are slides from holidays taken decades ago.

“I have gathered the ones I fancy the most into a series and, in the process, invented a magical, sentimental land that I fondly recall visiting inside my head. It’s a fine, proud land.


Thank you very much to Mikael Colville-Andersen.

6 comments to Travels in Imaginaria…

  • VonsterVon

    I love these…especially the ones of the lady kissing the budgie, the woman gathering straw and the snoozy lady in the deckchairs…wonderful images.

  • Lady Crafthole

    Utterly beautiful

  • Mikael Colville-Andersen

    Thanks so much for posting my series! If anyone recognizes any of the locations, do tell do tell.

  • Janey21

    They are crying out for a story. What happens in Imaginaria? Tell me, tell me.

  • Mikael Colville-Andersen

    I’d like nothing more than to take you on a trip to Imaginaria. What is quite splendid about it is that if we walk down one street, you may very well see things that are different to what I see. Imaginaria is a warm, pleasant place for everyone, but it’s what is inside your head that materialises before you. It would be wonderful to sit at a café across from the Monument to Peace and Jazz on Strade Possiblé and tell each other what we see.

  • Michelle

    The middle picture in the third row is Melrose Abbey, in the Scottish borders. It’s every bit as magical in person as it seems in this photo.

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