iPad in “2001: A Space Odyssey”…

“Not only is having this idea over 40 years ago amazing, but also the fact that they managed to recreate it on film. This must have been difficult without the easy access of video technology.”
- Duncan Mackay

Thanks very much to Duncan Mackay.

2 comments to iPad in “2001: A Space Odyssey”…

  • Justin

    At the time, it was just a matter of using rear-projection screens and projecting the image onto them, and it’s how they did all the displays. There were probably two projectors underneath the table Frank Poole and Dave Bowman are sitting at; all the projectors probably had to be synchronized with the film camera, too.

    In 2001, Kubrick pioneered rear-projection as a technique for inserting, for example, people moving in windows during the space-station docking sequence, etc.

  • Spencer

    This is video calling, not multitouch interactivity, no? Still cool to think of it 40 years ago I guess!

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