The Best Ways to Grow Taller

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Ways to Grow TallerA lot of people from all across the globe wish to grow taller. Others have even become desperate and have actually tried out a number of artificial means available in many stores and over the Internet to increase their height, but sad to say none of them have really worked.

However, there is still a chance for you to become taller through proven techniques. These techniques are safe since they are natural. Check out the following:

Give attention to the way you dress

This is a technique that can’t give you non-permanent result. This will, again, just make you look taller. For men, shirts with vertical prints can make them seem taller. On the other hand, high heels or tall head dresses can give women a better height.

Watch your diet

Everything that is taken into your body either has good or bad effects on us. Different foods have different benefits. Good foods can help you maintain a healthy body and even make you taller. Yes, you heard it right, taller! This is true even if you are already in a stage where you think you’ll no longer grow. One way to achieve it is through proper diet. The growth hormones in your body will continuously increase if you eat vitamin and mineral-rich foods. There are certain foods that were proven to be an effective agent in helping people grow taller, and they are fish oil and the Acai berry juice.

Exercise your body

Exercising your body can contribute a lot to your growth. You can do regular running, stretching, swimming, and many more. You can grow taller with these exercises as most of your body parts will be fully stretched. What’s nice about exercises is that they can give you additional height permanently.

Maintain a proper posture

This is pretty obvious. You’ll look taller if you maintain a straight back, longer neck, and tucked stomach. Avoid having a slouched back because your neck will appear to be sinking and your face protruded. This kind of posture will make you look smaller and lousy.

Get enough sleep

Sleep can help you grow taller, and this is a fact. Many people do not agree to this and they say that there is no connection between having enough sleep and in becoming taller. Well, they are totally wrong. The growth hormones are again a good explanation to this as they actually increase while you’re sleeping.

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