HMV, Oxford Street, London, 1960s

‘I’m An Indian Too’, Cliff Richard, 1968

New York, 1968-1978, by Paul McDonough

‘What sort of man reads Playboy?’ ads, 1960s


Colour photographs of Paris, 1960s

Eisenhower and Nixon Playing Golf, 1961


Soviet music video, 1969, by Kola Beldy


Fashion, 1940s – 1960s, by Lillian Bassman

Women by Robert McGinnis

‘Fly’, 1965, by Melvin Sokolsky


Ford Gyron Concept Car, 1961


Walking Down Carnaby Street, 1968

Goldfinger on Vinyl

‘Rebel Youth’, 1950s-1960s, by Karlheinz Weinberger


Raquel Welch on a cross

Experiment to discover whether an astronaut can imitate the falling movements of a cat, 1968

‘BlowUp’ – 1966/1999

‘How Long Are You Gonna Last?’ – The Beatles, 1963

‘How Long Are You Gonna Last?’ – The Beatles, 1963

Sainsbury’s Own Brand, 1962 – 1978

‘A Wonderful New World of Fords’, 1960

High School Fashions, 1969


Foster Grant’s ‘Behind the Glasses’ Celebrity Ads, 1960s

American Restaurants, Cafes and Diners, 1950s and 1960s

Hody’s, Los Angeles

Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ as a children’s book

Space 6

David and Tina

‘The Valley of Gwangi’ Trailer, 1969

The Valley of Gwangi Trailer 1969

Analog Science Fiction Magazine, 1960s


The Great Garloo, 1963

‘I Met the Walrus’

‘I Met the Walrus’

Richard Scarry’s ‘Best Word Book Ever’, 1963 / 1991

‘The Day the Earth Caught Fire’ Trailer, 1961

‘The Day the Earth Caught Fire’ Trailer, 1961

Playground Equipment Catalogue, 1962


Miller and Paine Department Store, Nebraska, 1964


Apollo Moon Landing Site Panoramas