USSR Shuttle Transporter Plane, Antonov An-225, 1980s

NASA Photography Manual, 1984


Sharon Stone, 1983

Sammy Davis Jr. Sings ‘Bad’, 1989


Max Tundra’s Wallet, 1988

Abandoned open-air pool, Edinburgh, 1983


Abandoned ‘Abyss’ Set

Nyan Cat c.1988


Tokyo Subway Manner Posters, 1976-1982


Michael Jackson’s ‘Pepsi Generation’, 1984

ZX Spectrum Plus User Guide

Pringles Ad with Brad Pitt, 1989

Evolution of Diana magazine covers, 1981-1997


Facebook 1986


‘Charlie by Revlon’ ad with Sharon Stone, 1983

Charlie by Revlon Starring Sharon Stone 1983

Alternative Ghostbusters

Father and Son at First and Last Shuttle Launches

Taco Bell, 1980s

‘How to Win at Space Invaders’, 1982

The Osbournes, 1987

Madonna - On The Cover Of A Magazine (1983-2011)


Blade Runner Polaroids

‘Radio Times’ 12th-18th November 1983

80s Video Game Arcades

Osborne 1: the first lap-top

Osborne ad

1980s Colouring Book

Replica Commodore 64

Commodore 3

New York City Subway, 1980s, by Bruce Davidson

NYC Subway 1980s 1

Tibet, 1987

East End shopfronts, 1988

27-year-old picnic

Chiswick High Road, 1982 / 2003

Awkward 80s photos

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