‘What sort of man reads Playboy?’ ads, 1960s


Truth Dollars

Truth Dollars

‘Esso Supply All These Motoring Needs…’, 1970

Syphilis Posters, 1940s

Tokyo Subway Manner Posters, 1976-1982


‘What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor?’

What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor?

Amazing Mystery Button

‘We call it a Penril Modem’

Michael Jackson’s ‘Pepsi Generation’, 1984

‘A Wonderful New World of Fords’, 1960

Foster Grant’s ‘Behind the Glasses’ Celebrity Ads, 1960s

Patent Medicine Trade Cards, c.1900


‘Help Stamp Out Quackery’, 1950s

Old Spice Commercial, 1957

‘Pepsi’ ad with James Dean, 1950

The Great Garloo, 1963

‘DDT Is Good For Me-e-e’


Modern Vintage Ads

Pringles Ad with Brad Pitt, 1989

‘Ike for President’

‘Charlie by Revlon’ ad with Sharon Stone, 1983

Charlie by Revlon Starring Sharon Stone 1983

‘Hi! Come to Canberra’, 1973

Fibreboard Rockets & Sub Ads


‘The End of the Plain Plane’, 1965

The End of the Plain Plane 1965

Vintage Ad Sexism


First Barbie Commercial, 1959

Cocaine Tooth Drops

US Gov. Surplus Space Suit Ad

Vintage computer ads

“Know Where You Stand” History Channel Ads

“Know Where You Stand” History Channel Ads

Chicago Billboards, 1942

100 years of Hovis