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Prepare for the HCG Diet

How to Prepare for the HCG Diet

You may have heard so many great things about the HCG diet. The fact that it has helped so many people achieve their weight loss goals and essentially escape from a life of obesity. While this could possibly be the path you want to take, it’s best to make sure you are prepared to start […]

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Menstruation While on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet has proven to be a beneficial and effective diet plan to help fight against obesity. Many dieters from all walks of life are uncovering successful weight loss because of the diet. It is truly effective, those who follow the proper protocol can experience extraordinary results. HCG is a natural hormone found in […]

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HCG Explained

HCG Diet Phases Explained

If you’ve already began your weight loss journey you may have heard about the different Phases that surround the HCG diet. For the beginners this can raise a great deal of confusion understanding the origin of the Phases, and the correct way to follow them. Understanding how the Phases work and play a part within […]

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HCG Diet Inside

What Exactly Is HCG Diet and How To Use It?

The abbreviation, HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone found in both men and women, but is produced in excess for pregnant females. The hormone plays a large part in controlling a pregnant woman’s metabolic functions. In his research, British physician A.T.W. Simeons discovered the hormone increases the metabolism even in non-pregnant […]

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HCG Diet Purchase

Having the Right Mindset Before Your HCG Purchase

You may have read great things about HCG online. From rapid weight loss, increased metabolism, to no loss of muscle while on the diet. These things are all true but what most won’t tell you the required preparation in many forms one must take. You have to prepare yourself mentally. Usually people start this diet […]

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Meals On the HCG Diet

The Benefits of Planning Your Meals On the HCG Diet

No matter what diet you decide to begin, one of the most important parts to a successful diet is the meals you eat. Being one of the more important components to successful weight loss, it’s often overlooked and under planned by dieters. We often get amazed with the potential weight loss we can receive but […]

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HCG Diet

Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster and Begin the HCG Diet

If you find yourself wanting to jump ship from diet to diet, you are riding whats called the diet roller coaster. You experience ups and downs while attempting a new diet but eventually find yourself back where you started. It’s a emotional ride for the dieters that go through this. Most dieters flee from their […]

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HCG Diet Drops

A Closer Look Into HCG Diet Drops

There are many different natural diet solutions to aid a person with weight loss, some are extremely effective and some aren’t at all. One solution we will take a closer look at is the HCG diet. This diet introduces HCG which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It’s a natural hormone to help people who are […]

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liquid hcg diet

Liquid HCG Diet

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that encourages the production of progesterone during pregnancy. progesterone is essential for a healthy developing pregnancy. Early in a typical pregnancy, the cells that will make up the placenta release HCG, then the placenta itself once it has grown. The progesterone produced as a result of HCG […]

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HCG Drops Reviews

The Importance of hCG Drops Reviews

It’s not always easy to distinguish independent hCG drop reviews from planted ones. The value of hCG drops reviews is further emphasized because of the controversy that has surrounded hCG as a weight loss aid ever since it resurfaced after a hiatus of 60 years. This is because there is a palpable lack of solid […]

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