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Building a Raw Food Shopping List and How to Stick to It!

One of the biggest challenges of following a raw food diet is finding the food that you can eat. It might seem a simple task to find shops that sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, there is a marked difference between fresh food and processed food. The sad truth is that most fresh fruit and […]

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Raw Food Shopping

Raw Food Shopping Tips To Help You Stay on Track

One of the things that people find most challenging about the raw food diet is the shopping. This is problematic for a number of reasons. For people who are just starting out and still feel the pangs of their old diet, it can be very hard to walk through a grocery store and not feel […]

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Low Calorie Diet Menu

Perhaps one of the key secret to succeeding in losing weight is having a good diet plan and now from there, you will be sure of having a healthy and a balanced low calorie diet menu. Many people tend to think that as far as they do exercise and eat well, they will eventually lose […]

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Low Carb Foods To Keep In Mind?

Let’s explore some delicious low carb food. Everyone should snack on their diet. After all, you don’t want to go around hungry, do you? We’ll start with some ready to eat snacks. One of the challenges with a low carb diet is finding a variety of interesting foods that taste good too. Snacks will keep […]

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Protein, Fiber and Water

Protein, Fiber and Water in Your Diet

Protein is probably the most important building block to life that there is, without there would literally be no life as we know it. But what most people don’t know is that protein also aids in weight loss efforts. The reason for this is because protein and fibers are both digested into the stomach extremely […]

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Are Carbohydrates Good Or Bad?

They can be both good and bad, depending on the amount and type you consume. Good carbohydrates are full of fibers and they take a longer time to be absorbed by our body and this can help us prevent drastic increase in our blood sugar level. Good carbohydrates with high fiber can be found in […]

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Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Healthy Diet According to what we are being taught, a Heart Healthy Diet focuses on lowering your cholesterol through eating a diet low in saturated fats such as fatty red meats, eggs, etc. According to Many doctors though, eating fatty red meats may not be so bad for you, and according to others, eating […]

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Heart Healthy Foods

Protect Your Heart with These Heart Healthy Foods

Heart Healthy Foods is the most important weapon we have to fight heart disease. With heart disease as the number 1 killer in the US, most people would agree that bad diet is the main culprit. We must change our dietary habits if we are to live to a ripe old age and retain a […]

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low cholesterol foods

Eat These Low Cholesterol Foods for a Healthy Heart

We are being told to lower our cholesterol with low cholesterol foods, and the general consensus is the lower the better. President Eisenhower, when he had his first heart attack, had a total cholesterol level of 164. He had his cholesterol check many times a year and eliminated the saturated fats and conscientiously ate foods […]

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High Cholesterol Foods May be Good For You!

High Cholesterol Foods May Actually Be Good For You Yes you heard right. We have been so engrained into thinking that high cholesterol foods are bad for your heart that we’ve taught ourselves to keep away from these potentially damaging foods. Heart disease is no laughing matter. Especially since government statistics show that more than […]

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