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weight loss counseling

Counseling & Weight Loss

Counseling is an important and necessary part of any weight loss procedure. It is vital to let the weight loss enthusiasts understand that weight loss is about looking good and feeling good in both mind and body. It is seen that most of the times, obesity and overweight issues arise out of bad habits, but […]

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weight loss discussion

Dialogue/Discussion Group

Are you faced with an uphill task trying to lose an unimaginable weight margin? It might indeed be a difficult exercise if you are seriously on the wrong side of the obesity scale; you might feel as if you have reached the end of the road. As weight loss is an issue that needs a […]

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Weight Loss Inspiration

Inspiration & Weight Loss

Worried about maintaining a healthy weight all through a life time? Well, you are not alone if lasting weight loss is your sole agenda. Studies estimate that at any given time, one in every three Americans is working on achieving total weight loss. But unfortunately, the result of all their efforts to lose weight cut […]

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Self Perception

Self Perception & Weight Loss

Self-perception has a vital role to play in weight loss, as expert have the opinion that negative body image may be the reason why so many fail to lose weight. Once you can change the perception of how you see yourself, it would boost your self-esteem and your weight loss program will be more effective. […]

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motivation weight loss

Motivation & Weight Loss

Motivation is a key factor in helping you reach your weight loss goals. It is the desire within you that helps you to propel forward in whatever venture you undertake. There are thousands of weight loss programs and an equal number of diet pills for weight loss, but these in no way have been able […]

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weight loss spiritual

Spiritual Weight Loss Overview

The human spirit can do wonders, as they say faith can move mountains. The spiritual caliber of a person can even play an interesting and vital role in a subject so remotely removed from it like, weight loss. In fact, spiritual weight loss has become the talk of the day; it has become a new […]

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