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Famous People Hanging Out II

Sharon Stone, 1983


Celebrities by Ron Galella

Ron Galella

Celebrities as Russian Generals


Corner Portraits by Irving Penn

Marlene Dietrich

Raquel Welch on a cross


Foster Grant’s ‘Behind the Glasses’ Celebrity Ads, 1960s

David and Tina

Tina Louis

Agatha Christie and her surf board, 1922

Portraits by Yousuf Karsh

Brigitte Bardot

‘What’s My Line?’ featuring Salvador Dali

‘Charlie by Revlon’ ad with Sharon Stone, 1983

Charlie by Revlon Starring Sharon Stone 1983

Jack Kerouac Shoots Pool, 1967

Jack Kerouac Shoots Pool, 1967

Celebrity Teeth Now and Then


Celebrities and their vinyl


Vanity Fair ‘Hollywood’ Covers, by Annie Leibovitz


Joan Collins by the seaside

The Osbournes, 1987

Celebrities, 1970s

Madonna - On The Cover Of A Magazine (1983-2011)


Blade Runner Polaroids

Blade 4

Celebrity Mug Shots

Kurt Cobain - 1986

Young Mother Teresa

Famous People Hanging Out

The Beatles and Mohammed Ali


Celebrity Yearbook


Marilyn Monroe as Norma Jeane

Colour photograph of Thomas Hardy, 1914

Young Barack Obama

Obama 2

Baywatch star seeks Noah’s Ark

Ziegfeld Follies, 1920s

Ziegfeld 9

Michael Jackson / Egyptian Statue

Serafinowicz / Philosopher

Philosopher vs. Serafinowicz

Colour photographs of the Duke of Windsor, gardening

Duke of Windsor 1
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