Historic WTF


The Evolution of Brand Logos


Vivian Maier: photographer / nanny


Soviet Accident Prevention Posters

Don’t leave anything without bracing

Rocket Lolly

Rocket airliner

Cartoons vs. Old Masters

Cartoon Old Master 4

Surfing c. 1890

Surfing 1890

“Old English Costumes” c.1913

A gallery in the Victoria & Albert Museum devoted to old English costumes

1910 visions of 2000

En l'an 2000 19

If Star Wars was real

If Star Wars was real 24

Facebook 1976

Facebook 1976

Communication: a history in stamps

1 St Francis

Content: An Illustrated History


“I am the past”

I'm Honoré de Balzac

Last Meals on Death Row

Last supper 1

Toulouse-Lautrec sh*ts on a beach

Toulouse Lautrec

Palettes of Famous Painters

Paul Gauguin

Project Battlefields

Battle of Nieuwpoort, 2nd July, 1600

Shooting the MGM Lion

Slats (1916-1928)

The Evolution of the Batmobile