Soldier of the Future, 1959


Thank you to Amanda Uren

13 comments to Soldier of the Future, 1959

  • Steve Travis

    Not a bad stab at it, compared to the usual brand of “we’ll be eating pills instead of meals” futurology.

  • Nigel

    Well we’ve already seen “Steam Punk” so perhaps this is “Atomic Punk” ?

  • Ed Webb

    There is an international network of those interested in the aesthetics of that high atomic era: The mailing list has been a bit quiet of late, but atompunk (rather than atomic punk) is alive and kicking, I think. No less a luminary than Bruce Sterling is a contributor.

  • Barbara Kerr

    Am I the only person who’s noticed the resemblance to Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers?

  • Bryan Alexander

    Lots of Fallout 3 feel here.

  • Timothy


  • Ali

    @Barbara Kerr, nope you’re not I thought it immediately and was surprised to find only one mention in the comments.

  • Paul

    That jump suit looks like it’d be a little rough on “the boys”, if you know what I mean.

  • Pit13

    Looks weird but actually pretty spot on if you break the items down and compare them to what we wear today.

  • Tha_Pig

    This soldier will win all battles when the enemy is unable to aim his weapon because of uncontrollable giggling.

  • Mojojojo

    It’s great camo. Who’d wanna shoot Fred Flintstone?

  • Don Gwinn

    I guess all his load/gear/ammunition was going to be carried by the robots . . . .

  • Don Gwinn

    You know, this was actually pretty good prediction. Think about it:

    Body armor for all infantry? Check.
    Helmet-mounted communications gear? Check; they just couldn’t show how small or light it would get.
    Advanced optics mounted on the helmet? Again, yes–they just didn’t realize it would be night vision rather than just binoculars.
    Aluminum-alloy automatic rifle (in the bottom picture on the right, and in the caption)? Not only a check; almost all U.S. troops now use a version of that particular rifle, the Armalite AR-15. The M16 was basically that rifle put into big production, and the M4 is just the same thing cut down and modified to mount more optics and accessories. But the caliber and the operation of the rifle haven’t changed.

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