Couple refuse to put clocks back

“John and Janys Warren stopped putting their clocks back in the autumn when they realised the darker days were triggering his cluster headaches.

“They now live an hour ahead of everybody else during the winter and say the move has drastically reduced their heating and lighting bills.

“Mrs Warren, 66, said: ‘We have lower fuel bills and far more usable daylight hours with evenings not seeming endless.

“We don’t put the heating on until we get up and by then it is warmer anyway. We’ve saved about one third on our heating and lighting bills.

“‘The winter doesn’t seem so long and I don’t seem to feel so tired in the evening. It’s nice to be wide awake later.’

“The couple, from St Georges near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, say they don’t have to fit in with the rest of the world now their seven children have grown up.

“They started living permanently in British Summer Time - known as ‘Double British Summer Time - four years ago.

“On a typical day, the couple get up at 8.30am ‘their time’ - 7.30am in ‘our’ time - and go to bed at 11pm, which is 10pm for the rest of us.

“Mr Warren said: ‘It just a far more pleasant way to live through the winter. You get far more daylight and you don’t get endless dark evening.

“‘The only time it can be an issue is when you’re out at an evening function and it means we are technically staying up an hour later than everyone else. But we live a quiet life these days and don’t do much of that.’”

- Daily Mail


Thank you to John Pollock

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