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Anti-Prostitution Posters, WWII


Colour photographs of London after Air Raid Attack, September 1940


Camera Comics, 1944-1946

Colour photographs of Paris after Liberation, August 1944


Colour film of VJ Day 1945, Honolulu, Hawaii


Ghosts of Paris


‘Suffering under a Great Injustice’, 1943, by Ansel Adams


The Mickey Mouse Gas-Mask, 1942


The Destruction of Epinal, 1940 / 1944

Colour photographs of the Nazi Flag


General Motors Insurgency Pistol c. 1942

Colour photographs of before and after D-Day

American troops in an English park

Boeing Plant 2

WWII US Recruitment Posters

WW2 B-17 bomber erupts into flames

B-17 2

Presidential Posters, WWII

WWII 'Careless Talk' posters


WWII Dogfights

Maunsell Forts

Théâtre de la Mode

'A kiss to remember' in colour

Pittsburgh's VE Day, 1945, in colour

Richmond Golf Club Rules, 1940


W.A.V.E.S. of WWII in colour

Spotting the enemy with RAY-BANS

“Hitler’s Stealth Bomber”

Ho 229

The Lockheed Lightning that time forgot

WWIII Propaganda

'My father’s WWII booklet'

H&S Company 1

Colour photographs of Occupied Paris, WWII

Anne Frank: then and now

Anne Frank: then and now

Colour photographs of Nazi–occupied Kharkiv, WWII

Dzerzhinsky Square

Neptune’s Certificate

Method of wrapping carrier pigeons for dropping from air-craft

Method of wrapping carrier pigeons

Recording of Nightingales and bombers, 1942

Beatrice Harrison
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