New Scientist

“For the past three days, 700 people (some paying over $5000 dollars) have packed into the hot and sweaty auditorium of the Oxford playhouse to hear a cast of stellar speakers in the second TED Global conference. This year’s theme “And now the good news” was chosen to shine a beacon of light on all the good stuff that’s going on in the world in these troubled times. Great ideas aren’t about moments of brilliance, (said one speaker says), but about mashing together old ideas into new configurations.

One attempt at such mashing was the The Retroscope, presented by Chris Wild. Wild is in the process of creating an online image search engine with a difference. It will arrange the results of its searches in a spiral - those that appear further away correspond to images that were taken further back in time. The idea, he says, is give you a sense not only of the place you’re looking for but how time has changed it.”

- David Cohen, Features Editor, New Scientist, 15 July 2010

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