Cincinnati, 1848, in hi-res

Plate 1- Western Public Landing, Griffin Street

Anglo-Saxon Wikipedia

Anglo Saxon Wiki

Brand-new Victorian man


Chicago Billboards, 1942

Chicago Billboards, 1942

Facebook updates for historic events (2)

Facebook updates for historic events (Part 2)

Antique Beat

Antique Beat

Ghosts of Newcastle

Central Exchange

Roosevelt, 1941, in colour

Roosevelt, 1941

Lennon and McCartney: the last known photograph

Lennon and McCartney, March 1974

Dali and Disney’s “Destino”

Dali and Disney’s “Destino”

And Vinyly

And vinyly

The “first photograph” of New York

New York

Smiles of old Japan

Smiles of Old Japan 11 c. 1915-23

“The Time-Machine” Comic


Tudor Pinhole Camera

Tudor Pinhole 5

Victorian Delorean

Ha! You got steampunk'd

Bablake School, Coventry, 1955-57

A trip to Stratford on 3 May 1955. A strict moral code in one's private life was ensured owing to the iron discipline wielded by the Headmaster, Mr. Seaborne.

Aged Superheroes


Ghosts of the Blitz


Rush hour, Waterloo Station, 1970

Rush hour, Waterloo Station, 1970