Rocket Lolly

Rocket airliner

US Gov. Surplus Space Suit

Surplus Space suit

A visit to London, 1957

London 1957 1

Thomas Hardy in colour, 1914

Thomas Hardy (1914)

Shakespeare “aged 14″

"Shakespeare aged 14"

Cartoons vs. Old Masters

Cartoon Old Master 4

Surfing c. 1890

Surfing 1890

Ms. Senior America

Ms Senior America

Shackleton’s Antarctica in colour, 1915

The 'Endurance' under full sail, held up in the Weddell Sea, 1915

“Old English Costumes” c.1913

A gallery in the Victoria & Albert Museum devoted to old English costumes

What year is this? #8

What year is this 8

“Hitler’s Stealth Bomber”

Ho 229