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“How to be a Retronaut gives us a “passport” to the past. You’ll find all sorts here: images from Wales in the 1950s; a Warner Brothers’ blooper reel from the 1930s; a recording of a man playing his trombone in 1897; a film of North London in the 1940s. The joy of using the blog is in wondering what marvel you’ll find on the next page.

“Creator Chris Wild describes a “retronaut” as someone who “goes back in time using just perception;” we travel in time he says in “that tiny, tiny moment, just before we grasp the fact that our beliefs are wrong.” If you thought that there was no colour photography before the Second World War, you’d better take a look at this blog

“How to be a Retronaut is the very best of the internet. It’s collaborative and avoids narcissism, pulling off the sublime trick of being entertaining, provocative and wistful all at the same time. It’s a mash-up of modes and styles, fusing a playful treatment of form with a sense of awe at the revitalising power of documentary footage.

“This is a necessary reminder of our place in history and a tribute to our obsession with cataloguing our reality. As innovative bazaar of the unexpected and humble celebration of the imagination it deserves a wide audience. Fans of Woody Allen’s Zelig and Terence Davies’ Of Time and the City will fall in love with it.”

Garan Holcombe, 31st March, 2010