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SizeGenetics ReviewThe Size Genetics penis extender is one of the oldest and most trusted male traction devices available in the market today. The unique and advanced traction technique employed by SizeGenetics is proven to be one of the most effective non-surgical method to increase the penis size by multiple inches.

The SizeGenetics penis extender has been approved under the European CE standards for being a safe and effective medical device.

Why SizeGenetics?

  • Medical Type 1 Device: The penis extender from SizeGenetics is a certified Medical Type 1 Device whose safety has been checked by the Medical Device Directive in Europe. This penis extender has been approved as one of the safest and most effective methods for at-home penis enlargement.
  • Clinically Tested: The SizeGenetics penis extender is a clinically tested Male Traction device that has been proven to provide multiple inches of increment in the penis size, in both length and girth. The device has been proven to increase up to 30% of the original penis size within just months of usage.
  • Surgeon Endorsed: The penis traction device from SizeGenetics has been endorsed not only by general doctors and male health experts but also by leading surgeons who actually perform clinical penis augmentation surgeries.
  • Ultimate Comfort: The SizeGenetics penis extender device comes with an advanced 16 Way Ultimate Comfort System that gives you the option to wear the stretching device in 16 different arrangements. You can choose the one which is most comfortable to you and stick to it for maximum enlargement with zero discomfort. Click here to read more about the 16 way comfort system.
  • 16 Years Track Record: SizeGenetics™ is one of the leading penis enlargement devices for the past 16 years. It was originally launched as a penis curvature correction device, way back in 1995 and has been selling in thousands of units since then.
  • Money Back Guarantee: SizeGenetics offers a hassle free 6 months money back guarantee on all orders. It’s simple – if you are not happy with the result after using the device, you can get your money back within 6 months – no questions asked!
  • Discrete Shipping: SizeGenetics provides discrete billing and shipping facility. Your Credit Card Statement will not reflect the type of product you have purchased and your package will be delivered in 100% discrete plain boxes.
  • Free Bonuses: With every order of the SizeGenetics penis enlargement device, you will get free access to online sex guide and Kamasutra DVDs and the PenisHealth™ male enhancement exercise program.


How Does Size Genetics Work?

Size Genetics works by causing gentle traction, or pull, on the penis. Microscopic sozed tears occur along the Copora Cavernosa. This is the part of the penis that fills with blood dureing erections. Natural healing then causes new cells to fill the spaces causing the penis to become thicker and longer. This is the same sort of traction that is widely used in medical practice for a large number of treatments, such as the lengthening of limbs.

What is 16 Way Comfort?

The 16 way comfort technology has been designed to ensure the device can be comfortably worn, by all men, for the maximum time needed. After all if a device is too uncomfortable to wear, it won’t work. The 16 way comfort technology takes into account the differences between men’s penises and is desined to be comfortable wahtever your size, shape or angle.

As well as a padded comfort strap, there are sixteen different adjustments that you can carry out which ensures that not only will there be one to suit you, but you will also be able to carry out further adjustments as you grow.

Size Genetics also has the exclusive MDA (multi directional Angling) system to further ensure that you can wear your device at the most comfortable angle for you. You won’t fnd this level of comfort with any other device on the market.

Does Size Genetics Work? See the Clinical Studies

A company as reputable as Size Genetics would not have lasted as long in the market as it has by making outlandish claims. The Size Genetics device has been clinically tested and found to be effective and suitable for men of all ages.

The Size Genetics Device has worldwide recommendations from doctors and surgeons who carry out penis surgery, and its safety and efficiacy has been certified under the Medical Device Directive, as a Type 1 Medical Device.

Studies on penis extenders are regularly carried out and as an example, one such study undertaken by the University of Turin and published in the British Journal of Urology International, found that men using the extenders for between 4-6 hours per day for a period of 6 months found significant gains of 2.3cm on flaccid size and 1.7cm on erect size.

Further benefits of using Size Genetics
  • From the first day you use your extender you can have confidence that it will work for you. You know it is tried and trusted by many and endorsed by the medical profession. No worries that you may be wasting your time and money. You will be on your way to having a penis to be proud of.
  • Your Sixteen Way Comfort Technology also comes with MDA (Multi Directional Angling) which is exclusive to size genetics. No other model on the market offers this level of comfort. The more comfortable the device, the longer you can wear it. Longer time = bigger gains. Simple.
  • No financial risk to you. You know your money is being spent on a top product backed by a full guarantee. Supply Size Genetics with a testimonial and they will even pay for your extender! Click here to read more about getting a free extender.



We have rated the Size Genetics penis extender as our top penis extender, here’s why….SizeGenetics penis extender is a medically certified device that not only works but also provides one of the fastest methods to increase your penis size by up to 30% in length and girth, without any harmful side effects. It comes with tons of free bonuses and a “no question asked” 180 days money back guarantee. Our reviewers have full confidence on this product and that is why it is our #1 penis extender out of over a dozen products that we have reviewed. You can confidently go for it.

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