‘Steampunk’ Native Americans

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12 comments to ‘Steampunk’ Native Americans

  • Balazs

    Nice, but not steampunk at all. Cyberpunk, maybe, but not steam.

  • Paul

    Native American steampunk use ALL the parts of the 8088.

  • Erick

    This reminds me more of the kids from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”.
    I agree with Balazs, more Cyber than Steam, more Post Apocalyptic/ Industrial that Victoriana.

  • Russell

    Steampunk or Not…. STILL super cool

  • dagny

    … looks most like something out of Shadowrun, actually.

  • Sidney

    Cyberpunk - however, a brass (metals), leather & wood variant would be Steampunk.

  • E.Goldstein

    …Educate oneself…also, don’t get excited about subcultures you know nothing about…

  • Vampirekitten

    Dear Internetz… Steampunk and Cyberpunk (also cool) are NOT the same thing (neither is Dieselpunk). This is cyberpunk.

  • Nicholas L. Garvery

    It’s Cyberpunk not Steampunk, but it’s still very cool!

  • epochapex

    Where can I contact these models and costume maker?

  • faberglas

    Would they be “steampunk” if they wore a bowler and a peace medal like a “good Indian”?

  • Gearman

    umm.. NOT & FAIL… Native Americans as far as the classic Iconic image from the movies with the army jacket or vests are by default Steampunk anyway. This is not, The Library guys made these for the Colour Chief’s add campaign in Australia.

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