Abandoned Church of Transfiguration, Buffalo

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4 comments to Abandoned Church of Transfiguration, Buffalo

  • Janniel

    So beautiful. I hope it can be restored and used for some good purpose.

  • Carmella

    Thank you, Vatican II

  • Stephane Adam

    Bautiful ! In Europe, such a building would already be restored into a hotel, a restaurant, a theater, a night club. Such a good oportunity can’t be lost.

  • Chris

    The problem, Stephane, is that Buffalo (which is in Western NY) is an economic dumpster. There are many grand abandoned buildings there, including several other elegant churches (though this is the largest), an amazing central train station, and countless others.

    Vast swaths of homes in the city are abandoned as well, and rotting. There’s no drive for redevelopment because there’s no one there who would be able to afford going to the hotel, restaurant, theater, or night club (there are already too many of these things around for the area to support as it is).

    It’s perhaps not as epically bad as Detroit, but it’s close.

    I am from a suburb of Buffalo, but like every young person who is able to, left for opportunities elsewhere (California in my case).

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