‘Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow’ Seagram’s Ads, 1940s

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“In the mid-1940s, Seagram’s advertised its VO Canadian whiskey with a series of extremely manly magazine ads about “Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow”–unspecified futuristic thinkers who liked the fact that Seagram’s was patient enough to age VO for six years.”

- Technologizer

Communications of Tomorrow

Desert blooming through Atomic power

Facsimile Newspaper

Groceries on Wheels

Harnessed Power of Tomorrow

Office of Tomorrow

Portable Radio-Telephone

Shopping Comfort

Skyway delivery


Traveling Kitchens Deliver Package Dinners

TV and Radio Telephone

Watch events as you dine

Thanks to Technologizer

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  • Cro

    They got it pretty close, didn’t they?

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